Who Are We?

The Wine Writers’ Circle of Canada is a professional association of full-time and part-time wine writers dedicated to the exchange of information on all matters relating to wine and other forms of beverage alcohol, and the communication of this information to the General Public through the Press and other media.

Its mission covers a wide range of wine-related services including educational activities, consultation and adjudication. The WWCC also lays down a code of ethical and professional standards to which it requires all of its members to adhere.

The History of the Wine Writers’ Circle of Canada

The first meeting of the WWCC was in 1985. Margaret Swaine was the first President and key members were Tony Aspler, Jacques Marie, Gloria Varley and Charles Israel, Dave Lawrason, Konrad Ejbich, Andrew Sharp, Dick Singer, Alex Eberspaecher and Michael Vaughan, all of whom hosted meetings in the formative years.

The first executive was President: Margaret Swaine, Vice-President: Tony Aspler, Treasurer: Konrad Ejbich, Secretary: Geraldine Rubino and Wine Reporter: Jacques Marie.

Succeeding Presidents have included Tony Aspler, Geraldine Rubino, Michael Vaughan, Frank Baldock, Konrad Ejbich, Sheila Swerling-Puritt, John Szabo, Michael Pinkus, Tyler Philp, and André Proulx.

The position of President of the WWCC is currently Vacant.